Large God's Eye

The Wixarika of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains in Northern Mexico believe that artistic expression is an offering to the great spirits of the five directions. The gods eye symbolizes these five sacred points. 

In the ceremony of the corn, every October, the children of the community are presented to the Shaman.  In a baby’s first ceremony a Gods eye is placed on his or her forehead blessing the child and introducing them to the God and Goddess.   This is the center of the Gods eye and each year a smaller cross is added to each point until the child is 5. 

In the home this symbol is a daily reminder of the traditions and culture of the Wixarika, it is a blessing, and it is a way to see and be seen by the sacred 

Our fibers come from the mountains of Oaxaca, where they are hand dyed using ancient recipes of flowers, leaves, roots, vegetables, and insects.  Each fiber is lovingly spun, and dyed by the hands of generations of skilled artisans.

This piece is one step in passing the knowledge to the next set of hands; the understanding of the plants, the animals, the time and love it takes to create something worthy of your home.

Hand Made in Mexico

57in long - 17in wide