Sayulita  Oaxaca collection - Authentic Skulls

Sayulita Oaxaca collection - Authentic Skulls

The Oaxaca Collection is the final result of a 2 year search for the most perfect naturally dyed threads.  Deep in the mountains, a collective of indigenous women forage for fruits, nuts, insets, the bark and the roots of trees.  In their gardens, they grow vegetables and herbs and flowers.  Each season a new color is possible as the ingredients ripen or wither.  It is a full year before the color pallet is complete.  The threads are spun from white, brown, and green cotton grown locally.  They are then lovingly dyed and sent to Sayulita, where we give those threads to skilled artisans from the Wixarika tribe to create the skull.

Materials: bone, beeswax, cotton yarn