Handwoven Pillowcase - Tricolor

Our textile designs feature traditional Mexican symbols, patterns, and spirit rendered with a modern sensibility. Our fibers originate from the mountains of Oaxaca, where they are hand dyed using ancient recipes of flowers, leaves, roots, vegetables, and insects. Each fiber of this pillowcase is carefully spun, dyed, and woven by the hands of generations of skilled artisans. This piece not only showcases the process of passing knowledge of a craft tradition to the next set of hands. With it comes a deeply felt understanding of the plants, animals, time, and love required to create something worthy of your home.

Front: 100% Wool | Back: 100% Cotton | Insert: 100% Polyester
Pillow Case Dimensions: 23 in x 17 in
Handmade in Mexico
Please allow for slight variations as this item is handmade
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery